Become a Savvier Traveler with Upgraded Points

If you are anything like me you are always trying to figure out how to travel more. But as you know, travel ain’t cheap. I usually try to travel every other month, if not every month and I am definitely not rolling in the dough. One of the biggest ways I do this is I don’t travel fancy. I’ve even slept on the beach because I didn’t want to pay for a hotel! But still, sometimes even that doesn’t cut. I hear you and I’ve definitely been there. So I’ll let you in on a not-so-secret secret: upgraded points. 

What is Upgraded Points?

Upgraded Points is an amazing travel resource to help you maximize your travel points. The goal of Upgraded Points is to show travelers the real value of points and miles, and how to best utilize your rewards. The amount of information out there is crazy and to know what really is the best value is overwhelming to say the least! The UP team will spend anywhere from 5-20 hours researching so you don’t have to. They cover a ton of travel topics including anything from earning and redeeming points, travel credit card recommendations, packing checklists, to info on airport lounges. All of these articles are completely free and you know the information you are getting is the best. 

I have to admit that I haven’t always been the savviest traveler and after educating myself better through Upgraded Points, it seriously pains me to know the amount of money I could’ve saved! Something major that has helped me is using the right credit card for my travel needs. Their guide on the 11 Best Travel Rewards Credit Cards in 2019 helped me better use my Chase Sapphire Reserve credit card that I’ve been using for years. 

Upgraded Points has quickly become my go-to resource for travel information and can’t wait on saving even more money with all the new tips I’ve been learning! If you want to become a savvy traveler and possibly even plan entire trip on points alone, definitely go check-out Upgraded Points before you start planning your trip!  

This review is part of a sponsored collaboration with Upgraded Points. As always, views are my own. Thank you for supporting brands that make Mariana’s Postcards possible!

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