Top 5 Tips to Afford Travel

First off, a little background about me and what I do:

Up until this past year me and my husband were college students, so we would work during the summer and then head back to school in the Fall. Our college also has a different schedule than most. We start later (end of September) and get out early in (April) because it is on track system. Which also allowed us to have more time to travel.

We were also required to travel for the company we used to work for while we were in college. We live on the west coast of the U.S. and the cities we would go work in were on the east coast. This gave us the excuse to not only make 2 cross country road trips per year, but we would also be living in a different city every summer. We’ve lived South Carolina, New Jersey, Maryland, and Florida while working for this company.

While working for them, we would always try and take advantage of being able to live in a completely different city and really get to know the area. We would also visit nearby places on our weekends.

However recently, Mitchell just got a more stable 9-5 position while I am doing freelancing and actually now get paid to travel as a travel blogger. So, I see a lot more solo trips in my future!

Ok so now that you know a little bit more about me and my lifestyle here are my tips/ how I’ve been able to afford travel:

TIP #1: Travel to where is convenient

When I travel I usually go to places I have family I can stay with. That cuts the cost of hotels and food. I have family all over California and Portugal so when I go home I make the most of my visit and explore as much as I can. Also, like I mentioned above we had to travel for work so we made it a priority to explore on weekends, etc.

But you can do the same even if you don’t have family in the area. There are often free campsites you can stay at or hostiles for inexpensive. You just have to do your research!

TIP #2: Make travel a priority

Like anything you want out of life you have to set your priorities. You want to be fit? You have to exercise and eat clean. You want those new shoes? You have to save and sacrifice other items you could’ve bought with that money.

It’s the same with travel. Everyone can travel it just isn’t a big enough priority to them. Think about how much money you would save if you just didn’t eat out an entire month? Just make small sacrifices like skipping out on restaurants, new clothes/ makeup and I promise you will have enough!

TIP #3: Travel on a budget

The way I travel is definitely not glamorous by any means. In my opinion I’d rather not stay in the nicest place and make my own food while traveling than not go at all.

Traveling on a budget also means you can travel for longer periods. That dollar will go much longer if you are willing to cut costs. There are plenty of times where I haven’t had enough money to even spend money on a hotel so I camped on the beach. This may not be for everyone but it’s all about how bad you want something.

TIP #4: Find the best airfare prices

Sometimes it isn’t where you go, it’s just that you go. I’m always looking up airline tickets and seeing where I can go for the least amount of money. Pretty much everywhere is on my travel list so I’m down to go where ever is cheapest. Of course, I have a top 3 bucket list destination, but I know I’ll get there eventually. In the mean time I’ll go where I can afford.

When you purchase your tickets also plays a big role in the price. The best time to purchase is 9 months or 6 weeks prior. That’s when airlines adjust their prices (tip from my dad who is a travel agent).

Some sites I love to use to book travel are google flights, kayak, hopper, and (let me know in the comments if you have others you love to use)

TIP #5: Travel in the shoulder season

Travel is not only cheaper in the shoulder seasons,  but it’s also less crowded and the weather is usually more mild. What’s not to love about that?! I definitely take advantage of the shoulder seasons, (Fall and Spring) and are by far my favorite times to travel.

Those my best tips on how I afford to travel. I would love to know what your thoughts are and if you any tips to add. Let me know below!


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