San Francisco Photo Guide

Growing up in the East Bay has given me the advantage of being close enough to the city that going into San Francisco was a fun weekend activity I’d do with friends or family. Here is a list of my favorite spots in the city to photograph!

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Ok starting this post off with arguably the most iconic SF landmark, can you guess it?

Best views of the Bridge:

Location: Battery Spencer

One of the most classic views of the bridge has to be the Battery Spencer. Its high up and gives an amazing view of the entire city. It’s also right next door to another favorite spot- Kirby Cove.

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Location: Kirby  Cove

Love this beach view of the bridge it is also a short distance from Battery Spencer, like I mentioned, so you can easily do both! This spot is also famous for a swing, but sometimes the swing gets taken down unfortunately.

Location: Battery Godfrey

Love this spot because it offers a really unique perspective of bridge! Its straight on rather than at angle. It also has these beautiful trees that seem to perfectly frame the bridge!

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Location: Baker Beach

Another beach view of the bridge. I think this spot speaks for itself.


Location: Fort Point

Another epic view of the bridge! Another straight on angle but this spot is very close to bridge and feels as if you are underneath the bridge! You can also find some brave people surfing under the bridge at this location!


I have this thing for neighborhoods and you find the cutest ones in SF! Here are some favorites

Location: Painted Ladies

This spot is just iconic. I mean who doesn’t think of SF when they see the painted ladies aka the Full House house! You can grab a front row seat at Alamo Square, bring your dog or have a picnic here.

Exact location: Alamo Square 

Painted Ladies

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Location: Flower House

Recently found this spot through Instagram and I fell in love! Some seriously cool people live in this house!

Exact location: 1623 25th Avenue

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Location: Lombard Street/ Russian Hill

Another iconic SF location- Lombard Street which is known to have one of the crookedest streets in the USA, lined with some seriously cute homes!


View Points/ Landmarks

Location: 16 Ave Tiled Steps

The most gorgeous mosaic steps I have ever seen! The steps go on forever and when you reach the top you are greeted with an amazing view of the city! Also each level is a different design, which is stunning!

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Location: Twin Peaks

Love coming up here some epic sunset views! So amazing watching the sun set and all the city lights start to come on! Definitely a cute spot to take a date to.

And that’s that! There are about a million another amazing spots around the city but these are the ones I have come to know and love! & this blog post will probably get updated quite a bit as I continue to explore more of my city more! As always let me know which spots you loved the most or if you have any spots you love that weren’t mentioned, tell me in the comments! Thanks so much for reading, can’t wait to hear your thoughts.

7 thoughts on “San Francisco Photo Guide

  1. What a great compilation of the most picturesque locations in SF! Makes life so easy when vsiting the place. Missed most of them when I was there. Will definitely check them out the next time I visit SF. Thank you for the post. Love youe work!


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